UNLEASH THE LION is geared towards creating unique items that capture the spirit of the brand. We do this without compromising on quality or adjusting to the demands of the industry.

We focus on creating those items one garment at a time. We will not release complete collections at once. An item is only released when we feel a piece truly represents the brand.

UNLEASH THE LION is a brand for women and men. We see a lot of strong women out there, who truly encapsulate the spirit of UNLEASH THE LION and we want to help them in wearing that spirit with pride and confidence.

The same way as we do not compromise on track, we have the spirit when it comes to creating fashion. Every item we make, should live up to the standards we are accustomed to.

For this, we have copied the approach of building a Formula 1 car in the factory. We have looked for the best people in the industry to help us create unique products.

Every item has been designed and created from scratch. All materials used are custom. Thereafter, every item has been tested extensively to see if it lives up to our expectations.